Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the holiday

Holiday for semester break had just begun. I am so happy to go back. even though it just short holiday, because i just go home only for almost 2 week. then i want to go to KL for working at my old place job. my friends and i plan to work at there again because we know at the next semester we needs use more money in study.

before i go there i also meet my friends from my primary school during the reunion day.

I am so happy to meet them after such a long time. many thing we are talking and we also go to karaoke. we are enjoy that day.

Before the semester break holiday we have holiday for mid semester break for 'raya aidilfitri’.That was the first time i celebrate raya's day as university's student and Ump's student. I'm very excited to celebrate raya's days that time. now the second day i come back to my house as are student’s UMP for semester break.

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