Friday, January 1, 2010

the exam is just around the corner

10/20009:now I feel time is to fast. it had been 4 months since i register as ump student. i do not realize the time had been passed that much. many thing that i limit through in this time. i feel happy i can through student life as ump student. the class also limit came to the end.

I'm really enjoy my study at here. i am so sad when thinking i will enter new semester and my age will increase. on next semester I will get new lecturers and will study a new subject. I like all of my lecturer now. They are so understanding with we all are still new in the universe as are student university.all of them are very kind and sporting.

through this semester with them give a valuable experience to me as first year student. this experience is really important to me for next, next and next semester and as long i live in ump. I also hope I will take are degree at here. when the class limit came to the end means the examination also will be around the corner.

i feel stress because i need to score the highest mark to get good result. even i know i have done the best diligence in assignment,quiz, my presentation and test i wonder if i will do the best for the final examination. just wonder. what ever happen i will give the best i can.

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