Friday, July 27, 2012

Industrial Training Experiences - WEEK 23

July 16, 2012 (Mon)
· Search for popup login
- YJ Pop login: module is custom made module that display login and registration fields using MooTools Ajax class. Very simple to use and adaptive to any Joomla 1.5 website
- Available at:
- SP Popup Login – then login is at the above: This is a simple module that show the log in menu dialog as a popup window.
- Available at:
- PopLogin Your Joomla Login Module with a Style available at:

July 17, 2012 (Tue)
· Today still with search live traffic Feed for visitor because before this I didn’t found the suitable one.
- I have chosen Traffic Feed - a live view of today's most popular contents. Traffic Feed allows us to quickly set up on our website. This Joomla Module will quick and easily show us what is happening with our website's content right now!
- Available at:
- Information about “Feedjit Pro: lets us see our visitor’s journey from beginning to end and understand how they experienced our site.” Available at:
- can refer here to Memasang Live Traffic Feedjit di Joomla 1.5.XX
· Have a discussion with Supervisor

July 18, 2012
· Have another error: cant login to website
- Error: The web page has resulted in too many redirects.
- I have refer to this forum to get the solution -
- How to solve “This webpage has a redirect loop” error in Google Chrome
- Go to the Global Configuration area of Joomla and set "Error Reporting" to maximum and turn GZip compression off. Available at -

July 18, 2012 (Wed)
· Get another error- nothing show when login in backend joomla. This is because I have (Edited special) in “access” in joomla
· I have search the solution
· I have found the solution from here

The backend is using modules like we're using on the frontend of our website. Like the menu, control panel icons & sliders etc... By default those module in the backend have viewing level 'Special'. So only the users, in the user groups assigned to the level 'Special' are able to see the modules.

In this case you were able to login in the backend but not able to view the backend modules because your user group was not assigned to the special level. By assigning the Super User group (id to the special view level via the database you were able to see the modules again.
- Available at:

July 19, 2012 (Thu)
· Another solution or answer for the error
At a guess, the access level 'Special' only had the 'Super Users' group ticked?
Check by logging into backend with super user then Users->Access Levels. Click on Special and see if "Manager", "Author" and "Super Users" are all ticked.

· Another Method
Replace the contents of /administrator/includes/helper.php with the contents on ... helper.php. This fix will be included in J! 2.5.5.

After regaining access, you should go to the Global Configuration->Permissions then set the Public "Admin Login" to "Not Set". It might be a good idea to check all the permissions in this section to ensure it has the correct settings.
Update: several people have confirmed this fixes the issues as outlined in the symptoms.
- Available at:

· Continue writhing practical report in Week-to-Week Task and Activities for
- Week 21
- Week 22
- Week 23
- Week 24

July 20, 2012 (Fri)
· See Mr. Sim to discuss about uploading the website to real web hosting
· Get a task to prepare the steps are needed for host website Joomla at USM
· Needs to list the steps to laman web PTJ, USM, the list is
- Get new patch
- Change Super Administrator ID Using Admin Tools
- Change to Https for administrator Page
- Hide Administrator page using Kareebu Secure plugins
- Use secure password for administrator
- Do not used prefix db default like jos_
· Install Akeeba Backup
· Backup website using Akeeba Backup


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