Friday, July 27, 2012

Industrial Training Experiences - WEEK 21

During week 21, the author has a first meeting with the director of CEMACS and author’s supervisor, Pn. Rosnah Idrus. Besides that, Mr. Sim and Mr Azlan also involved in the meeting. In the meeting author have shown the website and ask the comments from them for improvements. During the meeting they ask the author to change some of the module.

The comment is
1). Create Logo for CEMACS
2). Banner - make centre name and change to black colour
3). Latest Event – put the list Events in right corner
4). Login – Make popup window for login form
5). Search for Visitor counter with Live Traffic Feed
6). Put a Link to Google Map
7). Staff / Lecture can "manage their profile”, "Create Article”. "Manage downloadable file"
8). Name of module "Random image" change to "Photo Gallery"
9). Background - Fit to wide screen

July 05, 2012 (Thu)
· I have search How can I create a simple logo online for free and I found a website which is give us to create a logo
- There are many suggestion in this forum -
- COOLTEXT websites is a simple in creating the logo design. Many type are available, we can choose with is the suitable to create out logo .
- Available at -
· A also search about the 10 Common Mistakes In Logo Design
- Available at -
· Another free logo maker
- How to create a simple text logo :
- How to Create a Simple Blog Logo In Photoshop:

July 06, 2012 (Fri)
· Start to make improvement the website with comment from them
- Change the position each module as they wants
- Search module
- Web link module
- Font resize module
-Web Administrator

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