Tuesday, December 29, 2009

1st time working - Working Experiences

2/12/08 2/12/08 - Last exam paper in subject engineering drawing. I general very excited with holiday. After one month I enjoy with my holiday, I general feel so bored. on that day I try to find any jobs that I can work. Lastly I have got a job as a babysitter at taska Sri Ayu Ceria at Kota Damansara. Actually i very like to kids but want i working at there i feel so tension with them. Sometimes kids at there do not know what have they done and make her teachers angry with them. however I'm very glad when all kids at there call me teacher. during working at there i have learn many experiences.

i learn how to cooking ,how to take care of baby ,make them a milk, give them are shower and many thing i have done. I also learn how to save my money went got a salary. Own salary make we thinking more when we want use our 6 month already i working at there.I general very confident that i also can do something are not waste my times.


  1. Hai imelia,this nursery still available or not? Or already change the management coz i read some review from the blog and said this nursery very good from islamic and modern aspect.i'm interest to sent my baby there..can i have the phone number for nursery?