Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On the registration day...

When I know that I can continue my study at UMP i feel very excited, but at the sometime I confuse either want to go to ump in course Dip. science computer or go to Poly in course that i have an interest in electrical engineering. However I make a decision go to UMP.

I go there alone.I'm from Kedah take a bus to go there. However my family can not go with me during the process of registration but i still have brother at there. I'm really sad but i know i have to be independent girl. on the registration day I'm alone to go through the day with my confident by making decision to continue at UMP.

Here I also very thank you very much to my close friends CIK DAYAH because be my first friends at UMP. She give me used her mobile to contact my brother when I can not find my brother because during last section for registration I ask my brother to hold my beg.everything are in my bag, my mobile, my purse, key of hostel room, etc..I don't know what should I do that time.

with DayahChan

Whatever I have experiences, now I'm so happy because I know I'm in correct way by taking Dip. science computer.the moral values is we should be assured with our decision whatever happened.


  1. ho3..xcter lak ko jmpa aku kat ump ni erk..hahahaaha..pape pun..ko mmg independent girl..chayok2 :)

  2. i have told about you..
    tq for the comment..