Tuesday, September 2, 2014

7th July 2014 - 2nd Sep 2014

Blog updated. Yes updated, finally.

Yeahh my second industry training. 2014/2015.

As in second picture should be our industry training start 1st September 2014 - 31 January 2015. But Terato Tech Sdn. Bhd. request we to start early. So 7th July 2014 we join Terato Tech.

7th July 2014 - 2nd Sep 2014

The first day of the first week was started at Terato Tech, Selangor, Malaysia. After had welcoming briefing from Mr. Razali, we were assigned to Mr Asyraf as the Internship’s Supervisor. For the first week, Mr Asyraf has given briefing regarding the task that will given on internship’s time. The task are given is to develop games. During the briefing, we was explained about the software are used. For the first day and second day we need to explore and learn about the Unity. " Unity is an entire ecosystem of tools and services designed for people who want to build a successful business by creating multiplatform games and interactive content".

So the job summary for my previous 2month join this company is:

- 1st Week : in this week can be classify as complicated week because in this week still no confirmation place to stay, either house or office and I don't have transportation.

- 2nd Week : Already has a place to stay and dah confirm stay at office di Sg. Merab. (fuhh lega)
- In this week Shahir and me was assigned to Mr. Henzman as the Internship’s Supervisor and Syahmi and Koong De Kai was assigned to Mr Asyraf as their Internship’s Supervisor. We was separated to deferent department, where Shahir and me was assigned to Enterprise department.

  • First day at office Sg. Merab need to update "Menu" at
  • 11.07.2014 : My first meeting with Boss. Boss as me to write the minute meeting (Slurp :The bugs)
  • 14.07.2014 : Second meeting (still discussing about the bugs )
  • After the second meeting we (Shahir and me ) need to test the Slurp Application and prepare the Test Script for Slurp App. The duration testing the App. and write the Test Script around a week.
Candid photo. Taken by intern Shahir
  • 22.07.2014: At the same-time we also need to update the ATM Locator database.
  • 25th July - 3rd August 2014 : Cuti Raya Aidilfitri weh! 
  • 04.08.2014 : After Eid holiday, we continue updating the ATM Locator database. While updating the ATM database Mr. Helmi asked to help him to do the flowchart, slide, and testing the CIMB Application.
  • 08.08.2014 :  Ms. Zara asked us to learn about the Eclipse ( from ). She ask Mr. Muszakir to give a task to us so that we can learn and create simple android App. 
  •  11 August - 15th August 2014 : continue learn about the Eclipse and build our First App. At the same time continue updating the ATM locator database.
2nd picture also taken by Shahir.
(Shahir tak da kerja.. snap gambar then send kat WhatsApp group. huh!!)
  • got stuck at creating 
  • Styling the Action Bar .
  •  21 August - 25th August 2014- While finding the error Ms. Zara asked to help to testing the CIMB App on the Android and Ipad device. 
  • 27 August - 29 August 2014 : PRA LI at UPNM.

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