Tuesday, January 18, 2011


18 Sep 10, 11:42 PM
baam: ok. wat topik baru. tulis summary kat blog jer. nanti baca.
23 Feb 10, 02:38 PM
emykokumu: alamak...i copy summriez kt blog ney jela ye???

what the meaning about the post??

huhuh... actualy when im entering the UMP my brother BAAM ask me too write a sUmMary every week and past too him by the weekend...

for the 1st week, second week, i have do it..DONE! the next week im become so busy.. become lazy too..haha week by week i did not do the summary.. next two week 1 summary..the next week two week another summry.. total= just 4 summary are summited..ase2nye la..heheh

lastly, shorting of the story
"21 Feb 10, 12:47 PM baam: u hutang i... 17 summary dah sekarang.."
heheheh see for 1 summary then two summary now become 17 summary... ~siot bapak bnyak.. dio kire beb..~hiihihi

i dont know why im so lazy2...hiihi
I know why he was do so, because for my goodness.. hihih
I tried to make a summary of the next books but when reading normally be quickly sleepy.. as usually..hehhe sorie bro...

buruk kan mcm nie... ceq mcm njie jgak ker??arrhhh tidak asenye..huhuhu

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